my brother-in-law? web

I’m scared of Simpos trying to steal a baby by taking a bunch of baby pictures on Instagram. That’s what they want. If they’re stepmothers, they’ll be suspicious of others. It’s so messy. She’s been talking to my aunt for years on video calls like she’s been around for years, and I don’t even have any news of abuse in two hours with my close aunt, but she’s been encouraging me to remarry, and then I’m getting married again. Why would I look at her new wife’ I know she’s in some kind of situation, and she’s probably holding her niece anyway, and she’s doing great. I mean, I’m a brother-in-law now, and you’re still in your twenties, so it might be worse for your nephew. You wrote at the end of the day that you didn’t want to get married, but you’re too young for that; what now? Are you going to send me back to my brother-in-law?

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