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Because she’s nice to me. If it was too hard and too many men, I’d be taken away. I was so nervous and full that I felt more attractive. I’m sorry if you’ve already broken up with me, you’ll think of it for the rest of your life.ᄏ After all, it’s a case of having a first date and getting married. Of course, temptation in between? If it weren’t for this, I’m just kidding, but I don’t have any regrets because I met a good person at once and got married. People around me sometimes complain that I haven’t had a lot of relationships, but that sarcastic friend has had a lot of women, but she’s still not married and has no girlfriend. It’s not important to date a lot of people, it’s more important whether you meet a good person or not. I hope you meet a good person as a blessing and have a good relationship.

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